The rules of Wonderland

  1. Ds Wonderland is an adult FemDomme talker. All users are welcome but the general theme must be followed. MDom scening will only be allowed in personal rooms(and in .tells and .pemotes). Forms of MDom address will NOT be allowed. If you are felt to be scening, a member of the admin will tell you to take it private. Public FemDomme scening is allowed and encouraged. We ask that all kinks be respected, however any discussion or scening involving more extreme kinks should be kept out of the cafe. Feel free to use the other rooms for that purpose.
  2. You must be 18 or older to be here. We are all adults so let's act like it. No genderbending unless you have the express permisson from the admin. No nationality bashing. No discussion of illegal activity. This includes mentioning drug activity or anything involving sexual acts with minors, including jokes. No excessive cursing. Show the admin respect. We are here for a reason and we will do our job the way we see fit, whether you agree or not. There are other actions that this rule covers so to keep it short, if an admin asks you to do something or take something elsewhere, do so without an argument.
  3. No multiple accounts. You need permission before anybody is allowed to access Ds Wonderland from the same ip. This covers live-in companions and outside friends. Multiple accounts can result in having both accounts immediately jailed. To change your current name, you will have to suicide. There is a limit of 3 suicides per account for the purpose of name changing. Same applies to 'dramatic exits'. Multiple suicides will NOT be tolerated.
  4. Harrassment will NOT be tolerated. This includes pestering others to play with you. If you are told no, then no means no. Consensual play only. If somebody asks that you stop sending them .tells, then stop. Coming here with the express purpose of causing trouble will also NOT be tolerated. Advertising other talkers and sites is allowed in profiles only. You don't even need permission. We are not responsible for anything that occurs at other talkers. Explore at your own risk. Advertisement of pay sites of any kind is NOT allowed.

All admin related communication between a wiz and a user is private. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning (for first-time offenses unless they are especially severe), muzzling, jail time and/or banning from the talker.


Current admins at Wonderland are: Tricks, potifar, bobb, Delia, Alleycat, Aaminah, Bria, Jen, eric, Bethany, scoro, subdon and tbv. They will be more than happy to help you with any problem or question you might have. If you have any complaints about another user's behavior, take it up with a member of the admin staff.