The Wonderland dropped tell/typo hall of shame

Bria has asses Taz too
Bria says: er...
Bria says: added*
Bria laughs
eric looks
Taz blinks
Taz says: umm....

Bria pe deli laughs "the first time I ever wore a strapon... I gave the guy a mushroom imprint by accident! I was waving the fucker around, all proud that I could handle my own penis, you know, acting like some big shot with a big dick.. and the damn thing slipped and smacked him in the forehead! OMG, should have seen his look of total and utter surprise! we laughed so hard that the strapon was put up for quite some time. I couldn't look at it without laughing.

sirvlad pem aur takes your clit between his lips and suckles on it forcing it to brush up against his tongue

Message to all wizzes from tbv: and Delia...I listen to you more than I do to potifar...he is cuter

Dilbert says: /can wonders if he can see your undies from the slit in your dress...

joed says: .t Delia well for starters i have only played with two people in this room in the last 16 months

aron says: h.pemote aura is about to explode. "Maybe.."

Dilbert says: /can wonders if he may lick beyond the spots he touched...

joed says: h.t Delia no Ma'am ...this is you amusing yourself by making me feel embarrassed...i was flirting wehen i looked at your heels tho

joed says: .t Delia you are the boss Ms Delia i am benieath you you are above me in every way

joed says: .t Tricks hides his arousal

subchaos asks: on the tender spots?

Sapphire puts one hand on your neck trailing one nail down it

Tricks says: t. joe you should do something about that leakage

joed asks: ?.t Kei cbt teasing denial begging?

Delia smiles broadly: tell sapp It's a penis thing. :D

candy says: t Marious I just wanted to make sure you were being good and no touching you wouldn't want me to get all mean and stuff I have my rope still

subchaos says: t bethany you know if i fell in a barrel of boobs i think i would come out sucking my thumb

shyguy says: page Delia = Well one doesn't often talk about cocks and such

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