D/s Wonderland is an adult BDSM talker with a Female Dominant theme. Everyone is welcome, including Male doms and Vanilla users, but we ask that you respect the general theme of the talker. You have to be at least 18 years old to visit Wonderland.

At Wonderland, we currently have about 25 public rooms that you can explore and have fun in and you also have the possibility to build and decorate a personal room of your own. We offer a large amount (200+) of objects, many of them customizable, that can be used in a variety of ways. There are clothes, BDSM toys, food and drink, furniture and other interesting items.

Wonderland has about 200 registered users, and 40-50 of us are regulars, meaning that we stop in to chat at least a few times per week. In general, Wonderland is at its busiest weekday evenings (US time) when we normally have 15 to 20 users online.

To connect with your browser, click here.

The address to connect to Wonderland with a client is dswonderland.com port 6969. If you need help with how to connect with a client, see the introduction page.